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Electronic Monitoring Programs


Standard Electronic Home Detention

Stay Home Monitoring installs a base unit in the residence connected to the phone line and an anklet to your ankle.  Your schedule is approved by your case manager.  You are allowed to leave your residence for work, treatment, doctor appointments, probation appointments, and medical emergencies. 

Electronic Home Detention with Alcohol Monitoring

The same as the Standard Electronic Home Detention above with the addition of Alcohol Monitoring.  Stay Home Monitoring will add the Sobrietor alcohol monitoring equipment that requires you to randomly provide a breath sample to test for the presence of alcohol.  Alternatively, we will install the Transdermal Alcohol Detection (TAD) device that continuously samples and tests your perspiration for the presence of alcohol.

Alcohol Monitoring only

Stay Home Monitoring can install either the Sobrietor or the TAD to monitor for the consumption of alcohol.  With the Sobrietor you agree to be present at your home at specific time during the day to take a test.  With the TAD you agree to wear the TAD anklet and return within detection range of the base unit at least once per day to allow it to download the information.

GPS Tracking

Stay Home Monitoring will attach the GPS Tracking unit to your ankle.  Your requirements are to charge the unit for approximately two hours every day.  We will coordinate with the court to monitor any areas you are excluded from going to, or areas you are required to remain.  Restrictions as to times to be at your residence will be in accordance with the court desires.